Why Telemarketing

Why Telemarketing
Why Telemarketing Telemarketing is still around because of one reason: it works. It’s a powerful way to generate sales leads and get all important feedback from customers. There’s a stack of reasons why telemarketing still delivers results and we explain how it can work for you.

Firstly, it’s easy to set up and scale. You don’t need to maintain a shop front. There’s no fancy equipment needed, just a telephone, a passionate sales person and a qualified list of phone numbers. You can start with your own leads, or get a Mailing List Online database created in your chosen industry and location for a competitive price. You can even add your own leads into our database making your own personalized list to use into the future.

Telesales is one of the few mediums where you can get good 2 way feedback going on, making it an ideal platform for any product that can be customized. Find our straight away if you’re hitting or missing the mark then adjust your product and sales pitch to suit. 2 way communication also helps build rapport and a good relationship with potential customers.

Telemarketing means you can cost effectively reach customers anywhere. You don’t need stores in multiple locations. You can even reach international customers cost effectively with international calls now more affordable than ever.

A well run campaign will collect customer feedback. This is all important into learning more about how your customers see your brand and products. If there is something they hate you can pause your sales drive until you can rectify the problem. If you have something the love it’s another positive thing to push.

Telemarketing allows you to get instant sales. Convince the customer to pull out their wallet and rattle off their credit card number. No need to call back, send a form or delay the sale any longer.

With instant reach and on the spot sales, it’s also one of the most effective campaigns to measure. Simply put, send out 100 sales calls in a day and see how many sales you make. If you’re not hitting the planned sales targets the campaign can be flexible – no need to finish calling everyone first. Change your offer, your price or your sales person and try again. Not many other campaigns can claim to be this effective.

So start with a great telemarketing list, like the ones from Mailing Lists Online. We’ll help you grow your business.