Why Use Telemarketing Lists

Why Use Telemarketing Lists
Why Use Telemarketing Lists Where fax and email do a great job of getting your message out there, they miss the critical part of feedback. This is why telemarketing still remains insanely popular when it comes to chasing business. There's nothing like getting spur of the moment and unrehearsed feedback about your special offer.

Why Use Mailing Lists.com.au?

Telemarketing is one of the more expensive ways to reach out to customers. Not so much the investment in the list itself, but for the investment in time of having a sales rep tied up on the phone with just one customer. So if you're going to commit to driving new customers like never before, you want to be sure you're working from the best possible list, like the ones we supply.

Advanced segmenting

Choose to receive full contact details for your selected business, or keep costs down by just getting the phone numbers. We guarantee there are no duplicates in our lists too. You can also choose to apply further filters of large or small businesses.

Industry - Geography

To get started just pick your industry, then filter down to sub industry, category and sub categories for the most targeted of lists. Then apply geographic filters. Go Australia wide, or pick certain states. You can even pick suburban clusters or single suburbs.

Our lists are not just for Australia. Chose to receive telemarketing lists for the USA, UK, India, China and more.

From Only $29.95

With records at $0.50 each, and a minimum charge of $29.95, it's simple and affordable to kick off your telemarketing campaign. Try just a few to test the waters, or go big with a specific campaign.

Immediate delivery

Your transaction can be done entirely online, so you can receive the information you need on the spot. No need to wait for delivery. And it's in a useful format so you can start using it straight away. We make it as simple as possible for you to get on with the job of growing your business.