Why to Use an Online List Broker For Direct Marketing

Why to Use an Online List Broker For Direct Marketing
Why to Use an Online List Broker For Direct Marketing When you choose to use an online list broker, you will have made the correct decision to embrace the most cost-effective means of business to business marketing. Doubtless you know that direct marketing is versatile, flexible and tremendously effective.

When it comes to increasing brand recognition, business to business direct marketing is the most popular vehicle for expanding your reach and expanding the brand. Of course, direct marketing initiatives are only as effective as the quality of the core data list. The composition of the list and the correct filtering systems can make your direct marketing more productive than ever imagined.

In considering procurement of your core list, there are some guidelines that should be considered.

  • Understand the capacity of the list – If designing a program for Australian businesses, look for a database with at least 1 million businesses. If searching for a US business list, do not settle for a database with less than 20 million businesses.
  • Only use online databases that can be filtered by a number of options, including industries and sub-industries, geographical areas and list type such as e-mail, mail, phone, fax or all of the above.
  • Verify that the database is updated at least every six months.
  • Look for a provider that offers appealing sweeteners like free setup, free customisation, unlimited use of data for 12-months, free delivery and a free selection process.
  • Look for a provider that offers free contact counts so that pricing is accountable.

Business to business direct e-mail, mail, telephone and fax marketing is a viable marketing choice. The object of this campaign is to attract new customers to brick and mortar or online businesses or both. Like any new offering, the direct piece relies upon current information and a compelling offer.

Usually, direct marketing is geared to make first contact or restore relations with existing clients. The offer should be viewed as designed with purpose. The most effective direct marketing pieces seek to add to a customer base and to strengthen relationships with existing customers and represent a value that is nearly impossible to turn away.

An example of a deal that looks too good to be true is an offer from Mailing Lists.com.au for NSW that includes:

  • Over 250,000 Businesses (includes CBD & Metro data) with;
  • 250,000 Mailing Addresses
  • 50,000 Fax Numbers
  • 250,000 Phone Numbers
  • 7,000 Email Addresses

The value of this report has been estimated at $12,000. Through their Bundle Package, mailinglists.com.au offers all of this data at just $299.00. This is an unbelievable offer for any direct business to business marketer looking to expand their reach in NSW.

The bottom line is let your online provider do the gritty work while you perfect your message knowing that you are growing your business with reliable data. Whatever your growing strategy, it must begin with an accurate and current database. Mailing Lists.com.au is the place to start.