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7 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Direct Mail Title When you look at the title above, what grabs you attention? Most likely it is the number seven leading the title. Creating an eye-catching, attention-riveting title may well determine the effectiveness of your direct mailing.

Remember where your eyes gravitated and use numbers to lead the reader through the title.

Creating the perfect title is not difficult. Begin by choosing a specific goal or benefit to the reader. Match the benefit to your targeted audience and explain how to achieve the benefit in a speciifc number of steps.
9 Advantages of Direct Mail Today’s marketing directors have many weapons at their disposal. The selection of the proper weapons is often the component that determines the success of the marketing plan. Even in these difficult economic times, we know there are customers out there. The challenge is to bring them together with your products and services.

Effective marketing plans attract consumers to your product where it is up to the sales staff to complete the transaction. Direct marketing works. Even with today’s technology and new forms of direct marketing, direct mail is still the most compelling form of advertising.

Here are nine reasons why marketing plans should include direct mail.
Renting a Database As one-to-one communications become increasingly pivotal to the growth of a business, so too does Database Marketing.

But there are some hurdles to overcome before you can reap the benefits, such as

The high price of data
Creating a Business List for Lead Generation There's only three ways to increase a business' profitability - reduce operating costs, increase pricing to customers, or get more customers. Progressive businesses are always looking for more customers, and business lists are a sure way to get there.

Up to date information

Business lists are a highly effective way of targeting your end consumer. If purchased from a reputable business list broker, like, you're sure to get quality leads from the right kind of businesses. Reputable mailing list companies ensure their leads are current and up to date, so that mail won't be delivered to empty buildings or the wrong kind of business.