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Should I Use a Marketing List Broker An up-to-date and well-targeted marketing list is absolutely essential in any direct marketing campaign, whether you plan to reach your audience by direct mail, fax, telephone or email. In fact, direct marketing maven Ed Mayer developed a 40/40/20 formula which stated that a full 40% of the success of a direct marketing campaign rested on the strength of its marketing list, with the remaining 60% split between the offer (40%) and other factors, including design (20%).

So how can you make sure that you are using the best possible list? One answer is to employ the services of a Marketing List Broker. A Marketing List Broker is someone who puts together a marketing list for you, negotiating with data compilers and list management firms on your behalf, and typically receiving preferential rates because of their volume. Whether you're looking for business to business or business to consumer lists, a list broker will be able to help. They'll find the right lists for you, tailored specifically to your target audience. If you pick a list broker with several years experience, they should also be able to select lists on the basis of how strongly they have performed in the past.

Some list brokers also offer additional services, which may be of interest to you if you have limited resources in-house or lack the relevant experience. For instance, some might be able to advise you on the nature of the campaign and design of promotional materials, or arrange printing and mailing.
Easy Business List Creation If you can benefit from a targeted direct marketing mailing list, your timing could not be better. is Australia’s most active and cost-effective business to business list generating service. Featuring a database of more than 1 million Australian businesses and 21 million US businesses, clients have access to the latest contact information for businesses in both countries.

Clients can build the list that serves them the best. Choose from either a direct mail, direct telecommunication, direct e-mail, direct fax or a comprehensive all information available option. This database is updated every six months and has clients raving about the many uses the list provides.

The reason your timing could not be better is that is now offering appealing special offers to businesses seeking important contact information. Before describing these offers, let’s make sure you understand how easy it is to extract the precise information you need to create a finely tuned list that is updated and can serve any number of purposes.
How to Create a Quality Email Marketing List In the current world characterised by fast growing information technologies, email marketing is one of the newer promotional tools used by companies. Promotional emails have a good chance to be opened and read, since we use email constantly. Email can thus be effective to win new customers and to grow and capitalise on your relationships with existing customers.

But how does a company ensure that their mailing list is actually effective and of high-quality? Emails reach us everywhere and at any time, and they only take a few seconds to scan and be junked if it is of no interest of the reader. This makes an email marketing list highly relevant, but also dangerous if not targeted correctly.

Emails should be visually appealing and reflect your brand identity, as well as encourage customers to visit your site or purchase again in the future. They will have to remind people about your company through a mix of content: direct promotional material and general news-type pieces. Emails can easily convert marketing to sale, one click on a link to your online ordering service can make a huge difference.
Top 5 Elements For Your Mailing List Campaign A mailing list campaign could be the most effective campaign your company runs this year. Then again, it could be a total flop. It all comes down to how well you plan and execute. The team at have seen it all and we know the essential components to get right to make a killer campaign.

1. Targetting

A campaign can't start without your leads list. Get this from a reputable company, like Mailing Lists Online (shameless plug!). Target the exact group of companies you need in the right geographic area.