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Increase Sales By Educating I would like to share an incredibly powerful approach to marketing with you. It will help differentiate your business, enable you to convert more prospects, generate greater positive word-of-mouth and ultimately create more referrals for your business. This article is about educating your prospects and your existing customers.

Why Educate?

To a non educated consumer, businesses that offer competing services generally look the same and therefore not particularly attractive. If your business appears this way then you are not marketing powerfully enough. You are not giving prospects a reason to buy from you or existing customers the extra motivation to stay or refer business.
Generate New Sales and Extra Profits with adpack If you've ever been stuck developing ideas to successfully promote your business, services or products, you should take a serious look at Adpack.

Adpack is an exciting new advertising and marketing ‘idea machine’ for business. It’s revolutionising the way business people tackle the challenge of advertising.

Adpack gives you a very cost effective, easy and innovative way to effectively launch, promote and build a business.
How To Get 5 Times Return On Investment In Every Marketing Campaign It is essential that prior to investing in any marketing activity you are perfectly clear on what Return On Investment (ROI) you should be expecting. Knowing this vital piece of information will govern precisely what activities you engage in and which you don't. Based on our experience we always aim for a five times ROI. This means for every dollar invested in time and money you want at least $5 in revenue back. We have chosen a five times multiple simply because it is the minimum of what great marketing campaigns yield. Now if a campaign can't generate this type of ROI, find one that will!

One of the most important factors in creating a high ROI is great campaign execution!

To help you with this I have detailed an 8 Point Checklist to help with your campaign implementation, as follows:
Using Technology To Grow Your Business Mailing Lists Australia is the perfect example of how today’s lean and mean companies can use online tools and resources to successfully expand their customer base. Unlike many other marketing options, Mailing Lists Australia provides opportunities for controlled, demographically targeted growth.

Mailing Lists Australia maintains current listings for more than 1 million Australian businesses, more than 20 million U.S. businesses and 250,000 fax lines. To make sure the user receives a list of ideal prospects, a simple four step filtering system is used.

The first step is to create a list of industries the business wants to contact. There are 600 different industries identified by the site. The user then specifies the size of the businesses they would solicit. Next, the user identifies the regions where new business is sought. Lastly, the user chooses the type list that is needed. Options are direct mail, e-mail, fax or telephone.