Direct Marketing Resources

Marketing List Tips for Best Results Your customer information list has value. Too many businesses treat their customer database in a haphazard manner. This list should be treated like any other company asset. It should be maintained regularly and treated with confidentiality until the time comes to convert the list to sales or to leads for your business or another business. Here are some helpful hints on how to better manage your marketing list:

Use all internal sources - Do not buy or rent an external list without first considering your businesses’ internal customer information list. Mailing to your present or past customers can reinforce the benefits of existing communications programs and can generate a high response rate. This process also keeps your business in touch with your customers and good things can happen.

Do not use outdated lists - Mailing lists are outdated almost as soon as the list is compiled. People change jobs, relocate, change interests or financial situations. Maintaining your company’s customer information list should be an ongoing process managed by a responsible person. Use returned mail as a starting point. Verify as much information as possible. Treat your customer list as if you were maintaining your book of business. Outdated and inaccurate information is the enemy. Check your list against updated sources. If necessary, use telephone research to verify current customer information.
Using Technology To Grow Your Business Mailing Lists Australia is the perfect example of how today’s lean and mean companies can use online tools and resources to successfully expand their customer base. Unlike many other marketing options, Mailing Lists Australia provides opportunities for controlled, demographically targeted growth.

Mailing Lists Australia maintains current listings for more than 1 million Australian businesses, more than 20 million U.S. businesses and 250,000 fax lines. To make sure the user receives a list of ideal prospects, a simple four step filtering system is used.

The first step is to create a list of industries the business wants to contact. There are 600 different industries identified by the site. The user then specifies the size of the businesses they would solicit. Next, the user identifies the regions where new business is sought. Lastly, the user chooses the type list that is needed. Options are direct mail, e-mail, fax or telephone.
Why to Use an Online List Broker For Direct Marketing When you choose to use an online list broker, you will have made the correct decision to embrace the most cost-effective means of business to business marketing. Doubtless you know that direct marketing is versatile, flexible and tremendously effective.

When it comes to increasing brand recognition, business to business direct marketing is the most popular vehicle for expanding your reach and expanding the brand. Of course, direct marketing initiatives are only as effective as the quality of the core data list. The composition of the list and the correct filtering systems can make your direct marketing more productive than ever imagined.

In considering procurement of your core list, there are some guidelines that should be considered.
How to Create a Quality Email Marketing List In the current world characterised by fast growing information technologies, email marketing is one of the newer promotional tools used by companies. Promotional emails have a good chance to be opened and read, since we use email constantly. Email can thus be effective to win new customers and to grow and capitalise on your relationships with existing customers.

But how does a company ensure that their mailing list is actually effective and of high-quality? Emails reach us everywhere and at any time, and they only take a few seconds to scan and be junked if it is of no interest of the reader. This makes an email marketing list highly relevant, but also dangerous if not targeted correctly.

Emails should be visually appealing and reflect your brand identity, as well as encourage customers to visit your site or purchase again in the future. They will have to remind people about your company through a mix of content: direct promotional material and general news-type pieces. Emails can easily convert marketing to sale, one click on a link to your online ordering service can make a huge difference.