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Business Marketing Lists In Your Media Mix Marketing is a fundamental part of any business. Get it wrong and your sales suffer. Get it right and watch your revenue climb. If you did the same thing you did last year then you can expect the same result. So how can you try something new that’s not too expensive and test the results?

Consider adding business lists into your marketing mix. Ideal for B2B sales, business lists allow you to get any kind of contact information for any kind of company. You can also segment by state and even down to suburb. Work out exactly who you want to target and go for them with the support of our regularly updated lists.

Business lists ideally compliment your existing campaign. A good marketing team already knows who their customers are and what message they want to communicate to them. A good quality business list will bridge the gap between message and audience. Take your message direct to the people who will buy your product. And because you get to choose exactly who should be in that list there is no waste.
Direct Marketing - A step-by-step guide to getting started In these cash-strapped times, all businesses are trying to find the most efficient way to win new customers and to retain their existing customer base. Many are turning to direct marketing, which has many benefits particularly in this kind of financial climate. Most notably, it is targeted at individuals or businesses who are likely to be interested in what you have to say, and it has results that you can track and measure, meaning you can determine whether your resources are being well used or if further refinements need to be made.

If you're reading this article, chances are you're new to direct marketing. Maybe a colleague suggested you give it a go, or you read an article online outlining its advantages. Realistically, you will probably achieve the best results by calling in a direct marketing professional, but if this isn't an option for you, or you'd rather go it alone, the most important thing is, don't panic! If you use common sense and go about creating your campaign in a logical, step-by-step manner, then you should see big returns on your effort. Here's a handy guide to get you started.

Figure out exactly who you want to reach. The major advantage of direct marketing over other forms of advertising is that it is targeted. It's not an aspirational billboard on the motorway verge or a catalogue jammed into every letterbox in the neighbourhood, it's a way of communicating with people who are predisposed to listen to what you have to say. This may be because they're existing customers, or have shown an interest in similar products in the past; it may be because they fit the right demographic; or maybe they work in a particular niche industry.
Direct Mail Campaign Ideas Looking for Direct Mail campaign ideas?

Brand your product

If you want people to remember you, your business will need to have a strong brand.
Start Direct Marketing At The Beginning Direct marketing works. Today's business communication includes mass volumes of direct marketing. Some is subtle, some is incentive based while some direct marketing offers broad-based appeal. But, all effective direct marketing has purpose. Understanding your company's direct marketing strategy is essential to controlling the budget and attaining your goals.

Many direct marketing campaigns are multi-leveled and multi-purposed actions. Often the campaign is structured to suit the targets. There are four basic targeted groups that your direct marketing can reach.

Existing customers - direct marketing can increase sales to this consumer base.