Direct Marketing Resources

Unconventional Marketing Methods Here are some marketing methods which many small business owners rarely use to promote themselves & their businesses.

Win an Award

Most industries will already have awards in place for its members, many of which accept self-nomination. Customers love to deal with award-winning businesses, so entering trade competitions can be a valuable tool when growing your business.
Self Service Business Mailing Lists So you finally have your business off the ground with a fantastic grand opening and great buzz in the community, but still need better numbers. What is a business owner to do? Perhaps the next step is to have a marketing campaign using mailing lists, accessing good old fashioned snail mail, phone numbers, fax numbers and email.

But how do you know the list you get is the list you need? Self service mailing lists offers the solution by supplying business lists. This business to business service allows businesses to select the particular industry they need to target, as well as the desired geographic area.

Now you know what to do, you need some advise on how to do it. First, decide what information is going to be in the mailing. Offering a special discount upon presentation of a coupon printed on cards is a great way to attract customers. Let them know your hours of operation, specialty items you carry, and what your business can offer them. Make them want to come in after receiving your mailing. The goal is to get them in the door, on the phone or in your inbox where you can work your magic.
Direct Mail vs Mass Mail Direct mail provides bang for the buck giving the advertiser access to targeted, filtered and focused consumers. Direct mail is flexible and serves multiple marketing purposes. Indeed, before big mass media advertising campaigns are launched, many advertisers test their advertising offers with direct mailings.

Direct mail is much more cost effective than mass marketing. Not only can the sender track the results but recipients can also be filtered to fall within income ranges, geographic areas or even by previous buying trends.

Direct marketing lists can be e-mail based, telephone based or mail based. Lists can be purchased for more multiple re-uses or can be rented for a one-time use. The least expensive way to get your message to thousands of people is via e-mail. More and more advertisers are finding ways to generate responses and capture new prospect information. The key to success is to design an e-mail campaign that is not regarded as spam.
How You Can Identify And Profit From The Untapped Growth Opportunities Surrounding Your Business Opportunities for growth are everywhere. They are there for us in abundance. They surround us continually, often sitting right under our nose itching to be tapped into. However, in every business, in every moment, we let countless revenue growth opportunities slip through our fingers. Ironically, it is these opportunities that can generate cheaper, quicker and easier revenue growth than those strategies we stick to, time after time, whether they’re successful or not.

So how and why do we let these opportunities slip through our fingers? The answer is simple. Many opportunities are lost because as human beings we tend to live by a philosophy of “the grass is always greener”. This philosophy has us focus outside of our business to other pastures which are believed to possess far superior and enriching opportunities. Interestingly though, some of our most powerful and accessible opportunities for growth are sitting right under our noses, in our own backyard.

In 1960 a small book was written to help people find greater happiness in their lives. This book, written by Russell H Conwell, is called Acres of Diamonds, and although it mentions nothing about marketing or business, it definitely contains a very powerful message to all marketers and business people around the world. The book tells a story of an ancient Persian man named Ali Hafed. Ali owned a large farm with many orchards. He had a wonderful family, and was a very wealthy and contented man.