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Direct Mail Keeps Growing A relatively new sector of mail recipients has expanded the reach that full service direct mail agencies can now provide. In November, 2009, the Australian Postal Service agreed to accept direct mail to post office box holders. This has added more than 900,000 business and consumer recipients to the data lists of full-service direct marketing firms.

Direct mail is used by large, medium and small businesses to deliver a message to targeted businesses or consumers. Direct mail agencies provide a wide range of services ranging from the simple sale or rental of targeted lists to full design and handling services.

Direct mail has come a long way since its inception in the United States in the 1964 presidential campaign of Republican candidate Barry Goldwater. The candidate used mass direct mail to solicit campaign contributions.
Is your campaign right for Fax Marketing A fax marketing list could be just the marketing tool you need on your latest campaign. Faxes are given less consideration these days as emails are free and instantaneous. But a fax campaign has several benefits over all other communication, and overlooking it could be a great mistake.

Most marketing emails are simply not opened, so while your super fabulous offer may have been just the thing your end consumer needed, busy office types are click happy on the delete button. Mail could be an effective way to send your offer, but often it ends up unopened in the bin. If only there was a way you could send your offer on paper, but it didn’t need to be opened. Enter the fax marketing campaign!

Fax marketing campaigns are the ideal way to communicate campaigns based on images. If your campaign is targeting administration staff, all the better. Faxes are the ideal way of getting your message into the hands of administrative staff. A fax must be handled by a company representative, giving you precious moments not many other communication mediums can deliver. In fact, studies show that having a customer physically handle anything will increase the likeliness to purchase. That’s something an email campaign could never deliver.
Creating A Business List By Using A List Broker If you are a business owner and you are interested in reaching new potential customers, you should contact a list broker because he can assist you in obtaining business lists that are tailored to your customer base and the kinds of services you offer that these customers may need. The list broker will also talk with you about ways you can make your advertising campaign successful. For example, you can work with a service that is well-liked by customers and it is called You start the process by choosing the mailing lists from select industries then you would choose which area of Australia you are trying to reach and then you choose a list of phone numbers or e-mails. The company's website also has articles that help you succeed with mailing lists.

You Get To Reach Your Target Customer Base

One of the benefits of using a list broker is that you can access potential customers that specifically would benefit from your services and products. For example, if you operate an independent record store that only sells vinyl albums, 8-tracks and cassettes, you would choose a list broker that can give you mailing lists of radio disc jockeys, radio station owners or music directors, music journalists, senior citizens and college music professors or college band directors. Or if you offer career counseling to at=risk youth, the list broker can give you business lists of potential clients who are social service agency workers, teachers, ministers and those who work in the nonprofit sector.
Convert More Prospects And You WILL Have More Customers One of the most common and immediate sources of revenue for your business is in converting more prospects into buyers. If you are only converting 1 in every 10 prospects, 9 prospects are giving their money to someone else. Realistically, a portion, say 30%, of these prospects have no intention of buying from you no matter what you do. So let's assume you already convert 10% of prospects and 30% will never buy anyway. This means that you have an opportunity to obtain 60% more customers with no advertising or extra marketing initiatives!

So How Do You Convert This Extra 60%?

There are several ways to increase your conversion rates, but in this article I'm going to discuss one approach that comes down to a very simple philosophy. It's all in the long-term view!