Direct Marketing Resources

Creating Your Own Database Your database is the most valuable part of your business. It is the key to your success.

Knowing how to create your own successful database will enable you to grow your business. If you can customize it to enable cross-promotion with other organizations you can expect even greater rewards.

Most businesses will, by law, have an accounts database that includes contact details, order history and payments.
Getting fax numbers for your fax campaign It's hard to get fax numbers when compiling your own direct marketing lists. Sure, you'll have a few that you know work - your current suppliers, customers and people you currently do business with. However to grow a business, you need to reach out to a new audience, which is where Mailing Lists Online can help.

Why fax in the 21st Century?

Running a fax campaign is like sending someone an email, and knowing they have printed it off. If your message is interesting enough, it can even be passed around the office. Sure email is good, but can you be sure it will be printed? Or even opened? Or even appear in the inbox? While the fax machine is less thought of, it's a powerful way to ensure your message is printed at someone else's office. The benefit of the fax machine being less thought of is that there's also less clutter competing for attention. Your message may very well be the only one received, read, and acted on.
What is a Direct Marketing List Regardless if you operate in a B2B environment, or in B2C, a direct marketing list is one of the most effective ways to reach your target consumer. The best lists are built by the marketing strategist in your company. Interactive direct marketing lists allows the strategist to define who should be on the list. Common variables include industry type, location, (country right down to suburb) and company size. Once the target has been defined, the strategist can choose to receive phone or fax numbers, email addresses or mailing addresses.

There’s so much flexibility in a direct marketing list, which means with a well-designed campaign you can know exactly how effective your marketing campaign has been. You may even be able to determine your exact return on investment, something very uncommon for a marketing specialist to have access to!

The campaign is all important to extracting maximum value out of your marketing list. Do you want to entice trial from new customers? The provide an undeniable offer. Do you want to create mass awareness of your new product? Whatever your angle, your marketing list can be customised to suit your needs.
Direct Mail Advertising If you believe in business trends, then you cannot help but realise that direct mail advertising trend is yielding big dividends. How big? Huge. In fact, you most likely receive thousands of direct mail advertisements every month. Direct mail advertising works.

The reason it works is that when used properly, direct mail reaches existing customers as well as a targeted list of potential customers. If you have a market in business-to-business sales, you should invest a god part of your marketing budget in B2B direct mail.

If you think this concept degrades your products or services, you are mistaken. It certainly has not diminished the value of products used by the world's largest corporations. Instead, direct mail targets businesses that could benefit from your goods. If you operate a small, medium or large business and do not use B2B direct marketing, you are missing the boat., Apple, HP, GE and many other big businesses use direct marketing. They realise that today's purchasing habits are very different than in the 20th century.