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Is your campaign right for Fax Marketing A fax marketing list could be just the marketing tool you need on your latest campaign. Faxes are given less consideration these days as emails are free and instantaneous. But a fax campaign has several benefits over all other communication, and overlooking it could be a great mistake.

Most marketing emails are simply not opened, so while your super fabulous offer may have been just the thing your end consumer needed, busy office types are click happy on the delete button. Mail could be an effective way to send your offer, but often it ends up unopened in the bin. If only there was a way you could send your offer on paper, but it didn’t need to be opened. Enter the fax marketing campaign!

Fax marketing campaigns are the ideal way to communicate campaigns based on images. If your campaign is targeting administration staff, all the better. Faxes are the ideal way of getting your message into the hands of administrative staff. A fax must be handled by a company representative, giving you precious moments not many other communication mediums can deliver. In fact, studies show that having a customer physically handle anything will increase the likeliness to purchase. That’s something an email campaign could never deliver.
How To Be Your Own Professional Business Coach Ha, controversial headline - I know! How can you be the Coach, the Trainer and the Player n your business team? How do you be the Strategist, the Motivator and the Doer?

The thing I find the most funny about these questions is that nobody seems to have the answer (yet), so much so that it's been labelled by some as "impossible". 'You can't possibly be Playing in the game, and at the same time be standing back to get the birds' eye view and make Strategic decisions'.

That's funny...
Direct Mail Campaign Ideas Looking for Direct Mail campaign ideas?

Brand your product

If you want people to remember you, your business will need to have a strong brand.
7 Ways to Grab Attention With Your Direct Mail Title When you look at the title above, what grabs you attention? Most likely it is the number seven leading the title. Creating an eye-catching, attention-riveting title may well determine the effectiveness of your direct mailing.

Remember where your eyes gravitated and use numbers to lead the reader through the title.

Creating the perfect title is not difficult. Begin by choosing a specific goal or benefit to the reader. Match the benefit to your targeted audience and explain how to achieve the benefit in a speciifc number of steps.