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Easy Business List Creation If you can benefit from a targeted direct marketing mailing list, your timing could not be better. is Australia’s most active and cost-effective business to business list generating service. Featuring a database of more than 1 million Australian businesses and 21 million US businesses, clients have access to the latest contact information for businesses in both countries.

Clients can build the list that serves them the best. Choose from either a direct mail, direct telecommunication, direct e-mail, direct fax or a comprehensive all information available option. This database is updated every six months and has clients raving about the many uses the list provides.

The reason your timing could not be better is that is now offering appealing special offers to businesses seeking important contact information. Before describing these offers, let’s make sure you understand how easy it is to extract the precise information you need to create a finely tuned list that is updated and can serve any number of purposes.
How To Turn Your Marketing Communications Into More Profits Communication in life is everything. It dictates your quality of life in terms of how you perceive your reality, and in terms of what you create for yourself in your external world. Marketing Communications are no different. It is your ability to communicate that will dictate whether you succeed or fail in marketing, and to what degree. As such, in this Shoestring Marketing Tip I wanted to give you two powerful ways to improve the impact of your marketing communications so that you produce far more profits - all on a Shoestring Budget.

Your marketing communications include: website, brochures, business cards, networking spiel (elevator pitch), phone scripts, hold music, signage, corporate profiles, basically any communication that leaves your business etc.

1) Speak in "Customer Speak" - "Sell the Sizzle not the Sausage!"
Direct Marketing Solutions Congratulations! The decision to launch a vigorous and effective direct marketing campaign is smart. Bravo! You will be assuring existing customers and reaching out to new customers with a compelling call to action. Sales are bound to surge. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Yes, it does. Direct marketing can produce and generate solid returns on investment and drive new sales. By committing to direct marketing, you have made a sound business decision.

You know that great results do not just happen. Great results are the byproduct of hard work, a solid marketing strategy, creativity, the use of great technology and follow through. You will now have to decide how to reap the biggest return on your investment.
Direct Mail vs Mass Mail Direct mail provides bang for the buck giving the advertiser access to targeted, filtered and focused consumers. Direct mail is flexible and serves multiple marketing purposes. Indeed, before big mass media advertising campaigns are launched, many advertisers test their advertising offers with direct mailings.

Direct mail is much more cost effective than mass marketing. Not only can the sender track the results but recipients can also be filtered to fall within income ranges, geographic areas or even by previous buying trends.

Direct marketing lists can be e-mail based, telephone based or mail based. Lists can be purchased for more multiple re-uses or can be rented for a one-time use. The least expensive way to get your message to thousands of people is via e-mail. More and more advertisers are finding ways to generate responses and capture new prospect information. The key to success is to design an e-mail campaign that is not regarded as spam.