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Risk Reversal For Business Relationships Reversing risk involves consciously obliterating any obstacles a customer faces when purchasing your product. The obstacle is ‘RISK’ and risk to the customer can take on many forms. It may be not receiving what was promised, realising they never actually needed your offering or having their partner criticise the purchase.

Some of the tools we can use to obliterate risk for prospects are testimonials and guarantees. However, this concept should be used for more than just converting prospects into sales. I would like to suggest that you use risk reversal every time you need a favour from someone.

We’ll spend the rest of this article focusing on risk reversal for business relationships.
Why Build a Fax Marketing List The fax machine was once an essential communication tool for the office, but so much of its use has now been repurposed by newer technologies, however the fax machine can be the most powerful way to communicate your message. The fax machine has unique features not offered by any other communication method. Where emails can go straight into spam, and mail left unopened and tossed straight into the bin, the fax has the edge over ensuring your message is seen.

Where fax exceeds mail, email or phone

If you have a simple visual message, there is no other communication medium like fax. The fax will be picked up and handled by a real person. And if your message is well designed, it will be read and understood by someone in just a few seconds. It's not intrusive, expensive to implement or screened like a phone call. It's not diverted to junk and never seen the light of day like email. If you have the right message, it could be perfect for a fax marketing campaign, but next you need the right kind of fax marketing list.
Building a Better Telemarketing Campaign When you are trying to build the perfect telemarketing list it can seem impossible. People have become even savvier when it comes to avoiding unwanted calls and it might seem like telemarketing is entirely ineffective. The truth is, there are still many ways to get people’s attention on the phone and ways to encourage participation. By working with companies like you can get a comprehensive list of great phone numbers that are specific to your business model. This helps you increase your sales and your success rate all at the same time.

Have a Great Script

Your people will be hung up incredibly quickly if you don’t have a great script. That doesn’t mean just an excellent opening line but rather a way for them to keep the person on the phone once they clearly say they are not interested. There has to be a question for them to ask that will engage the listener and make it appear to be a good idea to stay on the phone. Part of getting your call log from a company like is that it has been proven. These people have responded to great scripts in the past which means you have a good chance.
Build Your Bottom Line with Mailing Lists Whether you are a startup enterprise or a long-standing business, it is never too early or too late to build a direct mail and direct e-mail list. Direct mailing lists and direct e-mail lists are quiet, tangible assets. They are powerful marketing tools and add value to your business while facilitating your targeted marketing efforts.

Professional marketing companies maintain volumes of direct e-mail, telephone and mailing lists. These lists can be rented or purchased for multiple uses. Many of these lists are specialized by geographic region, area code, zip code, income or even purchasing habits. Subscribers to mailing list services can fine-tune the lists by targeting the recipients of their marketing efforts.

Many businesses have found that the most effective marketing campaigns are incentive-based direct advertising campaigns. The effectiveness of this advertising is unquestioned. If you doubt the success of incentive-based direct delivery offers, simply look at the newspaper or the direct mail that floods mailboxes.