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Database Marketing – The Center of The Direct Marketing Universe Did you open your e-mail today? How about your mailbox? Did you receive a marketing phone call today? Chances are that all of the above happened today.

That is because every day consumers and businesses receive carefully constructed e-mails, letters, postcards, catalogs, leaflets or telephone solicitations. Sometimes that mail and those telephone calls are annoying. It’s true. But, annoying are not, statistics will bear out that direct marketing is the most effective form of advertising.

In fact, more times than not this mail, e-mail or telephone solicitation delivers a message that inspires a consumer or business to respond. Properly created e-mails, direct mail and telephone scripts really work, whether we like to admit it or not.
Marketing Lists Marketing lists are at the core of every marketing strategy. Every business has an internal marketing list. In fact, that marketing list is an invaluable asset. Examining your marketing list tells owners a lot about their enterprise, their direction and their products and services.

Putting that marketing list to work in order to gain more and new clients is a surefire way to keep cultivating your business. Whether you intend to launch a telemarketing campaign, a direct mail campaign or an e-mail marketing campaign, always include your current, internal marketing list as part of that campaign.

People and businesses that have used your products or services in the past want to know what your company is doing. Excluding them from marketing offers is a big mistake that must be avoided. Not only will these customers appreciate being in the know, but also they are your best source for new referrals.
Why Creativity And Innovation Are Essential In Any Business For those of us with children - or even nieces and nephews - we often get the opportunity to marvel at how freely imagination roams in these little beings. They are truly the center of creativity in any household - unrestrained by what's "realistic". It allows them to explore the world with fresh eyes, open to anything, still unbound.

I - having long dubbed myself to be "creatively challenged" - have long sought to replicate that child-like freshness in the business / marketing field. As adults, we are conditioned only to take on-board certain information… whatever fits in with our experience base so far. And that's not a criticism, it just is. We need to recognise and accept it, so we may find other ways to what I like to call "creative freedom". It's those messages that show up the truth in our lives and the wonderment of it, that can penetrate our barrier of what's "normal", what "fits".

The interesting truth is: what's normal will keep giving you normal results. What "feels right" is - to all except the highly intuitive - simply that which we've been experiencing all our lives… it fits in with who we have been.
How to Build Your Own Fax Marketing List Fax marketing has a vital role to play in your marketing mix, but it can be hard to start off with a decent list alone. That’s why so many business trust Mailing Lists Online to provide a clean and recent list of fax numbers from business who want to receive your information.

It's good business practice to build your own fax marketing list over time. It’s a great idea to add new contacts to your business database you get new business and leads Then you can add your own fax numbers to our lists, creating a powerful marketing tool.

Of course many business just don’t get the time to track these records and add them to lists, so get a head start with our fax marketing lists. Once you buy a list from us its yours to manage and build on for the future, so protect your initial investment with a bit of regular updating.