Frequently Asked Questions

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List of Questions

Convenience. Mailing Lists Online is Australia’s only site where you may browse and buy your data immediately and conveniently online.

Low Cost. Our business model allows us to profitably supply data to businesses at a low cost not achievable by traditional list suppliers. Our website can save you thousands of dollars on your data expense!

Education. The purpose of our website is to help small businesses grow. As such, we provide you with access to tools, tips, information, resources, checklists, templates and guides that will give you the greatest return on investment on your data purchase.
Non-personalised business data is generic throughout Australia, as it is sourced from directories and other publicly available information. Personalized data however, is often compiled by researchers or are lists of business subscribers to certain publications.

Whilst our data is similar to what you may be able to purchase elsewhere, Mailing Lists Online provides a fully integrated online place for you to access data, learn, grow and share your knowledge on business as well as offering a unique packaging and low cost alternative to grow your business.
Yes. The data you receive is non-personalised which means you receive the company’s name, address, phone number, fax number and an email address where available.
Yes. The data you receive arrives in Excel format, which means you can easily open the file in Excel. Full instructions of how to use your data are provided when your data is shipped.
Your report will be available for download minutes after your payment has been confirmed, it’s a fully automated web based system. Very large orders may take a bit longer.
Yes, we use the Internationally recognised STRIPE payment gateway and an SSL 40bit encryption which means your credit card information is secure. We also never store credit card information.
You will receive your list as an excel file (.xls). When you receive your data, save it to your computer, open excel and then open the file. For a sample layout of the file you will receive, click here.
Mailing Lists Online have significantly reduced the cost of data abolishing costly setup and selection fees that most other list suppliers usually charge, therefore making it affordable for small business owners. We charge a flat fee of ONLY 8 CENTS PER LIST RECORD with a minimum purchase per order of $29.95.

Volume discounts available and displayed at the time of ordering.
Yes. Orders normally totalling over $250 or more start attracting volume discounts. The more you order, the more you save (up to a fantastic 50% discount for orders that would normally be over $1500).
When you have completed the purchase, you will be promoted to download your list – just click on the link and Save As - it will be downloaded to your computer. You can then open the file in Excel. All your reports are available by logging into your account at anytime. We store all your orders online for you indefinitely.
You may cancel your order at any stage up until your payment has been processed. Once payment has been processed and your database has been accessed we are unable to accept returned data.
The data is automatically sent as an Excel file which is easily opened if you have Microsoft Excel. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel, you can use a substitute – Google offers a free online spreadsheet at
You have unlimited re-use of the data. It's yours to keep.
Contact Us if you're having problems generating your report. Your industry is definitely there.
Our website is designed to guide you through growing your business through direct marketing and entrepreneurship. Click through to our Marketing Guides Page where you will find loads of information, templates, checklists and guides.
Firstly, privacy laws are not applicable to non-personalised business data. It is the ‘identifier’ such as a person’s name which is covered by Privacy and SPAM Acts.

It is, however, in your best interest to pacify any person who contacts you to complain!

Simply take their details – as it appeared on the marketing piece they received from you, and mark it in your database so you know not to contact them again.

If you delete the record from your database, when you receive updates or perhaps obtain their details through another channel, you may accidentally contact them again without knowing.

It is therefore important that you ‘suppress’ or flag / mark the details in a field in your database rather then delete them.

A friendly smile or email goes a long way - some even may end up doing business with you!

You should always use a list that is relevant. No point trying to sell ice to eskimos.
Our lists are not opt-in per se (no-one on our lists have specifically requested emails from your company specifically). However, when it comes to B2B, the spam act allows for implied consent of non-personalised data. That is, when businesses put their email address in the public domain with the purpose of being a contact for business related matters, you're more than free to email them for genuine purposes relating to the operation of their business (i.e. a product you feel would help them in their business)

Our data is comprised solely of such addresses. We strictly do not sell personal or residential data for this very reason - this is entirely non-personal business data.

However, even this being the case, there are some provisions in the act you need to be aware of before mailing anyone. Your full address (of the business) must be at the bottom of the email and various other rules that we encourage our clients to know about.

While we've never heard of any of our clients getting into any sort of trouble with spam legislation, we would hope that each client uses the lists in an appropriate manner, in full compliance. If your email is entirely unrelated to your target, you run a risk of being considered spam, regardless (i.e. please don't use the list to sell Viagra pills! - this would declassify your email as legitimate immediately!)

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